Fisk Opens Community Financial Advancement Center

Fisk University last week debuted its campus-based Center for Financial Advancement, a community resource which will help students and employees of the university and members of the Nashville metropolitan area with financial planning and awareness.
As part of its mission, the Center for Financial Advancement seeks to provide education in the areas of money management, credit management, and homeownership while also providing education and career preparatory opportunities to position participants for careers in the mortgage industry.

“It’s important that we seek opportunities to educate our students, staff, and members of the community about non-traditional, highly lucrative fields where minorities continue to be underrepresented,” said Kevin Rome, Sr., Ph.D., president of Fisk University. “As consumers who engage in the banking and mortgage industry, minorities should equally benefit from the wealth that is created by the industries. This partnership will hopefully lead to a model that funnels more minorities into careers that benefit our community and the American economic engine.”

The Center, developed through a partnership between the university and a coalition of banking and nonprofit partners, will offer educational opportunities on credit management and homeownership, while also offering training for careers in mortgage banking. From a release:
At a glance, the Center for Financial Advancement will provide:

  • An annual series of five seminars conducted jointly by HomeFree-USA, and mortgage banking leaders.
  • The curriculum will include banking and savings basics, mortgage lending, student loan debt, homeownership, credit reports, overall financial capability, and most importantly, enriching information about mortgage industry opportunities.
  • Students who complete the entire series of seminars will receive a Certificate of Financial Readiness signed by the leading sponsors.