Fitz Hill to Resign as Arkansas Baptist President

Arkansas Baptist College President Fitz Hill will resign this fall after ten years at the helm of the private black college in Little Rock. Hill, who had four years remaining on his contract, will assume control of the university’s foundation, and leaves with the full support of the school’s board of trustees.
Hill announced his resignation this week on Facebook, saying that his tenure has been ‘a blessing’ to himself and the campus community.

This has been an awesome experience and God has placed it in my heart that it’s time to serve ABC in a different role. Excellent leadership can come in a form of obedient followership. As I transition to new roles at ABC, I do so with a determined focus to help advance our College from Good to Great. My new venture excites me much like 10 years ago when I first started at ABC. I thank God for his covering and protection during my tenure. I have witnessed the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows, and I have been blessed through it all. I have loved blessing our students and the community we call home. I’m going to try and elevate and accelerate the blessings to our students and community over the next five years.

The school, which has made historic gains in enrollment and fundraising during Hill’s leadership, is also on show-cause accreditation status with the Higher Learning Commission, and faces heightened cash monitoring from the federal Department of Education, which does not give student aid funds directly to the school, but allows the school to apply for reimbursement of tuition awarded from institutional cash reserves.
Trustees said the resignation was solely Hill’s decision, and that his leadership of the college has exceeded expectations. From

When asked if Hill’s leaving the president’s office was a board decision, (Trustee Richard) Mays replied: “No, no. no. He’s too talented and has done too much to bring these communities together in this city. We think this move would ultimately be extremely beneficial.”

3 thoughts on “Fitz Hill to Resign as Arkansas Baptist President

  1. Yeah he was a horrible president. Not only did he fail two North Central Accredidation audits he was generally an asshole to deal with. He alienated the school from the alumni. The only reason he is still employed with the college is because they signed a contract with him an cannot afford to pay him out. The school was far worse with him as the president then without.

    1. You guys must be some disgruntled Johnny come latelys who are upset their loan refund check didn’t come on time! Hill is the best president since James Columbus Oliver. I am an 04′ graduate. I have seen a total transformation culturally as well as a total transformation physically. The campus has basically been rebuilt from the ground up! When I first arrived at ABC there about 500 students there. After his 4th or 5th year they had over 1100 students! A lot of Arkansas Baptist College’s financial problems arise out of the high default rates from the student loans!( Much like most small hbcus) You can’t blame that on him. He has done an awesome job for the college that would have probally died other wise. I guessing you guys didn’t graduate from Arkansas Baptist or any other institution. Do some research before you start ranting. Arkansas Baptist College when you arrived there! And thanks to the help of the Lord by sending Dr. Hill it will continue on long after you guys have left!

  2. This is a classic example of how too many of beloved HBCUs reward poor performance. How can President Fitz Hill resign from the presidency and then offered another lofty position at the university(e.g., in charge of the university’s foundation). Something is definitely wrong with this picture that anyone with an inkling of a brain could easily see. Then, we wonder HBCUs are on a continued downward slope and getting worse by the day.

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