For NCAA Division I HBCUs, You Get What You Pay For

by Will Broussard, courtesy of Out of Bounds Magazine
USA Today recently published its annual report on 2014-2015 NCAA Division I athletic department revenues and expenses.  A cursory scan of the report reveals nothing especially alarming to ardent followers of HBCU Division I athletics.  All but one of the 21 HBCU Division I programs ranked in the report (Hampton University, Howard University and Bethune-Cookman University were not included in the report because they are private universities) are in the bottom 1/3 of the 231 programs listed. Flagship institutions in HBCU states like Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia report revenues and expenses many times higher than HBCU.
Alabama State (at #162) leads the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) in athletic spending, and Alabama State wins more championships than other SWAC programs each year. While Norfolk State (at #146) is listed as the highest-spending program in the Mideastern Athletic Conference (MEAC), I have reason to believe Hampton and Bethune-Cookman spend more (their tuition costs and salaries for staff alone suggest as much) and they are perennially strong programs across the board.
A favorite pastime of HBCU alumni and season ticket holders is lamenting the bygone era of HBCU athletic dominance and younger alumni and recruiters extolling HBCU virtues while wishing for a future in which the most talented black college prospects would enroll at HBCUs again; perhaps a spending comparison this stark puts such regrets and aspirations in perspective.  However, the numbers do offer an encouraging look at how HBCUs compare versus their Division I institutional peers (southern Division I Football Championship Subdivision athletic programs and those in the NCAA Limited Resource Institution [LRI] category) and the data offers an opportunity to reflect on what athletic department spending at HBCUs generate — other than, of course, wins and losses.
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  1. Time to stop Your Kids from Playing any Sports at all HWCU’s,if they are going to treat HBCU’s like that!They are making Millions off your Sons and Daughters and trying to drive HBCU’s out of existence ,with the Black Football and Basketball Players.HBCU’s have the right to exist on their own just like Them.

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