Former Bethune-Cookman Trustee: “Interim President is Misleading Students”

Johnny McCray, a Bethune-Cookman University alumnus and Pompano Beach-based attorney was among the first voices to sound the alarm about possible financial crisis for the school in the aftermath of a questionable construction deal more than three years ago.

Yesterday, the man who sued the university for financial malfeasance wrote in the Florida Courier that BCU Interim President Hubert Grimes is misleading the students and public about his role in the crisis, and consequences associated with his potentially being fired.

Students were not told that Grimes is the subject of a lawsuit concerning the $372 million dorm deal which alleges he committed fraud, negligence, misrepresentation, and violation of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trades Practices Act.

Grimes is also a key witness in another lawsuit against B-CU brought by a foreign developer over a project to build a multimillion-dollar apartment complex off-campus. B-CU alleges the deal was approved by Jackson without board knowledge. Grimes is alleged to have reviewed a letter of intent without informing the BOT.

Grimes is an at-will employee and may be fired at the will of his employer. The BOT has the right and more than sufficient cause to remove him.

Last week, Bethune-Cookman trustees and Grimes held a press conference to announce their intentions of working together to resolve the private HBCU’s financial, accreditation and legal issues, which include multiple lawsuits and a potential $306 million balance for an estimated $82 million dorm construction deal.

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