GoFundMe Campaign Seeks HBCU Students to Find Blackface Yearbook Photos

A GoFundMe campaign that is raising money to pay students at historically black colleges and universities a $25 hourly wage to find and publish racist blackface photos i college yearbooks is more than halfway towards its $10,000 goal.

From the genocide and displacement of indigenous people by the first European colonized until today, an intolerable amount of racism is systemically baked into Virginia’s government at all levels, and in every political party. And it has to end now. This GoFundMe is to raise funds to pay Virginia HBCU research students from local colleges $25 per hour to do the due diligence that should have already been done on all of Virginia’s state elected representatives. The plan is for research students to go through all of the yearbooks and then publish the results for public reference for current elected officials and those running for office in future elections.

Chelsea Higgs Wise – GoFundMe

It is not clear why HBCU students are specifically being recruited for the racial research campaign, but campaign organizer Chelsea Higgs Wise is using the platform to generate support for the resignation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam in the days following the revealing of a blackface photo on his medical school yearbook page.

One thought on “GoFundMe Campaign Seeks HBCU Students to Find Blackface Yearbook Photos

  1. I think HBCU students should be working on racial research. It obvious non HBCU students have no stake in exposing themselves. This research is important since the elected officials are making decision that affect African-Americans everyday. We really should no more about their raciat past, if it exist before they are elected.

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