Hampton Clarifies Bill Cosby Trustee Status

Embattled comedian and philanthropist Bill Cosby no longer serves as a member of Hampton University’s Board of Trustees, having allowed his term on the board to expire two years ago without seeking reelection. 

Officials clarified Cosby’s status yesterday in a statement released to media, following a Daily Press report about HU students and alumni questioning Cosby’s status on social media

“For decades, Bill Cosby supported Hampton University as an institution of higher education, including serving on its board of trustees. He no longer serves on the board.”

Regarded as the nation’s most influential HBCU advocate and donor, Cosby faces international scrutiny after sexual assault and rape accusations from dozens of women spanning a 40-year period first surfaced in 2014.

Spelman College suspended and last summer terminated an endowed professorship funded by $20 million gift from Bill and his wife Camille to the college in 1988. Central State University trustees voted to remove Cosby’s name from its mass communications building months later. 

Last month, Cosby was charged with a 2004 alleged sexual assault of a former Temple University employee. 


One thought on “Hampton Clarifies Bill Cosby Trustee Status

  1. Really, why don’t people see the bigger picture here. The biggest HBCU donor is facing all these allegations of sexual misconduct. Really! And the schools are falling into the trap. So should we return all the money from the corporation and government who also have been convicted of crimes against African-Americans. Some of these companies have admitted to owning slaves. No school will return their money. My only concern is what if he is found not guilty of the crime. Are we going to ask for the money again. Really!

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