HBCU Digest Member Newsletter #2

We finally got the sweatshirt thing right.

We finally got the sweatshirt thing right.

What Happened With the Discount Code for the Sweatshirts?

Thanks to everyone who wrote to let me know that the member code for last week’s apparel offer did not allow the discount to post to your order. We went back through and figured out the problem, and now are happy to provide a new offer of the same HBCU ADVOCATE line of sweatshirts, t-shirts and mugs for a rate that is just for subscribers.

This special rate isn’t published in the store, but please feel free to forward it to friends and to family. And if it happens to get posted to Facebook, I wouldn’t be mad at that either.

John Wilson Out at Morehouse…Are You Happy Now?

I’ve been getting a lot of emails about the situation down at Morehouse, and a lot of feedback from students on Twitter. Some think that I have something personal against Dr. Wilson, and against certain other HBCU leaders. The truth is that I don’t. There are just some leaders with some skill sets which fit better at certain jobs than others. And as someone who covers HBCUs for a living, and receives calls from stakeholders all over the country about things going on at our campuses, I get a chance to weigh out hearsay against data against other coverage, and try to make an informed opinion about the direction of a school.

To me, it’s no different from a sportswriter who watches a game, watches practice, and talks to players and coaches. They don’t see meetings, they don’t go home or into intimate settings with the team, they draw conclusions about the performance and the future of that team based upon what they see and hear. Sometimes its not pretty. For black folks, hearing a strong opinion about schools that mean so much is hard to take. Frequently, it’s hard for me to write. But we all have a part to play in the effort to save these schools. It’s nothing personal, and it never has been.

When is Digest Radio Coming Back?

So the plan is to relaunch the podcast early next week. There have been two challenges with this; first, getting guests lined up. Second, getting the call-in number functional so that it can be a live show for you guys to call in and to be able to comment and to be heard on the uploaded podcast version.

Somebody asked me the other day why I still call it Digest Radio. I guess I’m keeping that title because I started out five years ago with a live Internet radio broadcast, and when we finally get the technology down, it will resume as a live broadcast of sorts.

Can You Bill Me For an Entire Year? I Don’t Want to Pay Extra Fees for Your Damn Website.

This is a great question that I’ve posed to Medium. Here’s what I wrote to them.

And here was the response.

Needless to say, this sucks. However, Medium has been very good about responding to such requests and trying to make them work for publishers. I believe they will come up with a solution. If not, I’ll scrap the subscription, make all content free again, and go until I have to get a real job because I’m no longer making any money.

But to all of you who have inquired, please know that I appreciate your feedback and am trying to make it happen soon.

As usual, please support the Digest by purchasing your entire set of family reunion shirts in six months in advance from our store, and by encouraging others to subscribe or to also purchase some shirts. The goal is to have some interns working for stipends lined up by this May, and I believe that will happen because you all are supremely supportive.

Thanks again for your support, feel free to leave comments in the post or via email, and I look forward to writing to you again next week (hopefully on Sunday as is supposed to be the custom of the weekly email).

Yours in Advocacy,


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