If You’re Reading This, It’s Probably Black History Month

Welp, since we were unable to get a big turnout for the weekly newsletter, now everyone is going to start receiving the daily version…

Welp, since we were unable to get a big turnout for the weekly newsletter, now everyone is going to start receiving the daily version. Forgive me if it floods your inbox, but I promise to make it humorous and informational enough that you’ll enjoy it through at least the remainder of this week.

This is Black History Month, which I wish we would turn into Black Future Month, because I often think we are so enamored with our past struggles and accomplishments, that we don’t even see that new ones have been added to the anti-black agenda.

HBCU President of the Day — Virginia State University’s Makola Abdullah

Virginia State University’s Makola Abdullah is making tremendous gains in a short time in Petersburg. Today he’s in the news for announcing a new mentoring program to help two struggling elementary schools in Essex bring much-needed tutoring to their students. I’ll be writing more in-depth about this later today, but congratulations to Dr. Abdullah and VSU for an extraordinary initiative.

HBCU of the Day — Clark Atlanta University

CAU is preparing to announce a new initiative with several churches in Atlanta to promote enrollment among black men at the institution. This is wonderful because football season is nearly over, March Madness has not yet begun and these things should be critical elements in more brothers attending service this Sunday and for the next few weekends. Something else to watch for today on the Digest.

Finally, the HBCU Digest Radio Daily Podcast is About to Launch

BET is going to premiere its new drama, ‘The Quad’ tonight at 10pm EST (see Variety’s lukewarm review on it). I don’t know what to expect from the show, but I’m very clear on what I’m hoping it will be.

I’m hoping to have a watch party for it and some HBCU graduates here in Baltimore City will come to a secret location to watch it, and to discuss on the air immediately afterwards. If they do, subscribers can be on the look out in a few hours for a number where you can call-in to participate.

If they don’t come, look out for my Twitter rant at Jarrett Carter Sr.

Stuff I’ve Recently Written

A lot of folks are concerned about Donald Trump, and they should be. But HBCUs are going to need to go along to get along with this administration, because unlike previous presidents, Trump doesn’t care if is hated for policy. Which signals that several HBCUs closing under new Dept of Ed rules would be right up his alley. Although there’s a part of me that believes he really doesn’t want to piss off black folks that way.

You never know — will we get ‘what the hell do you have to lose’ Trump, or ‘Central Park Five’ Trump? I guess we’ll have to wait and see and hope Johnny Taylor works his magic on this.

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