LISTEN: Digest Radio – Former Southern Human Jukebox Director Nathan Haymer

We talk with the former Director of the Southern University Human Jukebox Marching Band about his legacy with the band, campus politics and his plans for the future.

29 thoughts on “LISTEN: Digest Radio – Former Southern Human Jukebox Director Nathan Haymer

  1. He should have never been fired. And the only thing he did wrong was not let the SUS Board co ntrol what the Human Jukebox and Dancing Dolls did. That is not a crime.

  2. Southern University Marching Band is bigger than one person. That is a product that will never spoil. The band is going in the right direction under the leadership of Mr. Taylor.

  3. Yes because if anyone knows marching knows SU did some pretty mediocre drills this year. No offense but many of those 7 minute drills looked like something I did in high school

  4. So it’s ok to take money that doesn’t belong to you and charge folks without the University knowing! Wow

  5. Sometimes you shouldn’t speak on things you know nothing about. Then you go underground to voice your opinions. He is not man enough to stand up to what he did. And the more he talk the more he puts the University in Jeopardy , and the kids he was supposed be looking out for.
    Stop basein your opinions on the person you think you know. The FED are coming. THEN YOU WILL SAID I DON’T BELIEVE IT.

  6. Haymer took the “hand he was dealt” and made his predecessors proud(Even the Old Man who is looking down). The problem with the State of LA is that you never need the business clean(in most cases). SU Band is in a higher orbit because of Haymer and lessons learned from the very best. He still strives for the highest everyday and it takes a Man to say the things that were said.

  7. Going where?? HS Standards…no, this season sucked. Alcorn gave them an L. Hell Valley did as well. They need another great leader and Taylor is not it.

  8. Regardless of the circumstances, Haymer took SU band to a different level. The sound- maybe, but no HBCU could touch our field performance. We’ve ALWAYS been classy. I personally think that Bobby skit was distasteful. And wasn’t too thrilled to hear our band chant “I ain’t going back and forth with you niggas- I’m living my best life.” I know this is a new day and age but- when did we get ok with domestic violence and our band saying “niggas” in a chant- publicly. Ijs
    My opinion

  9. I am a fan of the SU Band, Haymer Era, the eras before Haymer, and the current era. With that being said, some comments on here are OBVIOUSLY personal. Get over yourselves SU People and just appreciate the fact that the SU Band is still a dominant force.

  10. We didn’t play Valley so please explain how an L occured. Also Alcorn got blown back into the woods at the SWAC Championship Game.

  11. Haymer is too ghetto, rude and disrespectuful. He always disrespected the bands of other HBCU & fans when he faced them. When he played against PWI he always wanted to have a combined nice performance with them and he allows the students to yell the N word and B word at opposing bands but he did that when he played USM, USTA, ULL, ULM and other white schools. Haymer you are a fraud and don’t lead by example get out of here and go back to Gulfport, MS and play that in your horn.

  12. Do you know what you are talking about?
    He was used as a scapegoat for the university discrepancies.

  13. Can you prove he stole anything
    There is a thing called innocent until proven guilty
    Until this day he has yet to be charged with a crime
    If he stole where is the evidence?
    Stop making judgemental accusations you can’t provide proof

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