LISTEN: Norfolk State Board of Visitors Rector Joan G. Wilmer

Wilmer shares with us her view of becoming the first woman to lead the Norfolk State Univerity Board of Visitors in more than 20 years, updates on the university’s presidential search, and wisdom on how boards effectively govern while driving the message of a new strategic vision for a campus community.


25 thoughts on “LISTEN: Norfolk State Board of Visitors Rector Joan G. Wilmer

    1. I am proud that NSU picked such a strong leader in Joan Wilmer. She cares about NSU because that is where she planted her roots. NSU is in great hands.

  1. What a poor candidate selection by NSU! This woman is a thief and steals from the community.
    NSU should be very careful dealing with this one.

    1. That is a strong accusation to make against a public official without proof. But even with this unsubstantiated claim; it is worth noting that Wilmer was willing to do what no board chair has ever done, which is to conduct a full and unscripted interview on the record for millions to hear about the state of the university.
      I believe that her authenticity, knowledge and compassion for Norfolk State are clear, and that the sector should expect positive things from the institution.

    2. I so agree with you, I am proud of NSU putting such a great leader with years of experience in the boardroom as the rector. Joan will get the job done because she cares about her home which is NSU. I am so happy and excited to see the continued growth of the university.

  2. What an amazing choice!!!! I’ve know Joan for well over 30 years and everything she touches turns to gold. Professionally, she has helped me solve some of the most difficult issues that I’ve ever faced as a company CEO. I know she is going to take her business accumen and love for the community do some amazing things at Norfolk State.

  3. Great candidate selection by NSU. This woman will get the job done. She has faced many adversities in her life and overcome them all. When giving a task; Joan Wilmer gets the job done. Being a former student of NSU means that she can relate to the overall goal of
    making Norfolk State a great university to represent. Some individuals will have negative feedback but when you do your homework on the above listed individual, her work ethics speaks for themself. At the end of the day; when your heart is clean🙏🏾God will prevail. She has and will always provide an environment that’s conducive to the leadership of NSU.

  4. I have found Ms. Wilmer to be beyond reproach personally and professionally. Those of us in the Spartan community are proud of her work and support her efforts to change Norfolk State from the inside out. Norfolk State University should be very proud of its board level leadership. These kind of jobs are not easy and require vision beyond what’s 5 years in front of a person. I know Joan Wilmer has that and and support her as well as the entire board. Behold the Green and Gold!

  5. Congratulations Joan on the great work you’re doing for the university and community. NSU will benefit greatly because of leadership skills and your experience in the business sector. I anticipate great things in this new role! Behold! 💚💛

  6. I am so very proud that my alma mater has selected such a deserving and professional person to serve as the Rector. There are so many Spartans who are working in corporate and higher education leadership roles; giving and providing unparalleled leadership. I think it is about time that our institution recognizes and attracts that leadership back to our university in order to bring NSU forward. We have to much to lose and a whole lot to gain….we need leaders like Joan Wilmer to help us make the right decisions for our university, for our students, and for the communities we serve.

  7. This was the right choice for NSU! This school, like many other HBCUs are struggling to stay in existence because we refuse to change, want to keep things be same, hire our family, put our frat brothers and sorority sisters in place…and lack the leadership talent. I have SEEN Joan at Citi and on Wall Street. She is a beast and classy with it. Mentors countless people and have given folks so many jobs. True change agent and I hear folks are nervous about whats about to happen ….those who perpetuate the problems. Go Joan and get it done! We love NSU! #Behold

  8. It never fails when it comes down to Norfolk State University someone’s always find fault in this great Institution whether it’s academics Athletics or someone that’s trying to lead this institution to higher Heights but miss Wilmer Don’t Look Back keep moving forward

  9. As a white student who attended NSU I am so happy for this change. This place has promoted nothing but males for leadership. It has also been shared directly from faculty how females are not promoted or supported. Not that I dont appreciate my male mentors but women are treated second and last here. Great leaders have been overlooked. Joan’s leadership changes the game as a non-black Spartan I couldn’t be prouder. Best of luck! #NSU

  10. If what you say is true and you are truly concerned for the University, you will come forward with your real identity and show evidence of what you claim. Personally I’ve know Joan for 30 plus years and professionally me and countless of my associates have worked with her in a corporate & non-profit environment. She is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever known.

  11. I couldn’t be more happy about the direction of NSU. As a recent graduate and fellow alum I can’t wait to see what great things continue!

  12. As a woman and fellow Spartan, I’m excited to hear about the progressive changes being made at NSU. Congrats to the new Rector. Behold the green and gold!

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