Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” Reveals The Moment She Became Aware of HBCUs

Courtesy: Associated Press/Jose Luis Magana

In her new book “Becoming,” former First Lady Michelle Obama shares intimate details about her life leading up to and during her time in Washington D.C. One of the surprising revelations: when she first became aware of historically black colleges and universities as a teenager growing up in Chicago.

From Newsday:

“A number of them had parents who were lawyers or doctors and seemed to know one another through an African-American social club called Jack and Jill. They’d been on ski vacations and trips that required passports. They talked about things that were foreign to me, like summer internships and historically black colleges,” Obama wrote.

Obama remains an iconic figure in HBCU culture, having served as commencement speaker for several HBCUs and as a presidential campaign surrogate who appeared at HBCU events like the 2012 CIAA Basketball Tournament.

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