Morehouse Graduates First Cohort from Wisconsin Scholars Program

Morehouse College last month graduated its first group of men who matriculated at the school through its MKE Scholars Program, an initiative created to strengthen a pipeline of black male college entry from Wisconsin.
Six students from Milwaukee and Madison, WI received their degrees, and expressed their gratitude for the program, and excitement for the future. From the Milwaukee Courier:
“As Morehouse men, we have been granted and accepted the opportunity to join a fraternity of leaders with the able minds to become the necessary leaders of tomorrow,” said Aaron Blake who will be working at a marketing firm in Atlanta.
“Simply put, my experience was a dream come true. At the age of 12, when I first toured Morehouse, I knew I wanted to attend,” said Onteria Harris who will be employed at Morehouse in the Housing Department. Harris educational journey will continuing as he applies for Ph.D programs in clinical psychology.