Morehouse Leaders Affirm Support for President John Wilson

Board, alumni association say college is on steady path.

Board, alumni association say college is on steady path.

Officials from Morehouse College’s board of trustees and national alumni organization responded to an anonymous petition calling for the firing of college president John Silvanus Wilson yesterday, posting a letter of support for his tenure and administration.

A joint letter from Board Chairman Robert Davidson and National Alumni Association President Howard Willis and forwarded to college supporters makes plain the support for Dr. Wilson, who was appointed president of his alma mater in 2013. From the letter:

“For nearly four years, Morehouse has been privileged to have as its president, Dr. John Silvanus Wilson Jr. ’79, a leader who shares our passionate dedication to the continued progress and growth of this great institution. We have witnessed the zeal and commitment with which Dr. Wilson has addressed the challenges confronting Morehouse during his tenure. The continued success of Morehouse College is dependent upon the commitment and contributions of all Her sons and of those who share our love for Her. Dr. Wilson has issued a clarion call for us to join together to realize the ‘World of Our Dreams.’ As Chairman of the Board of Trustees and President of the Morehouse College National Alumni Association, we remain steadfast in our embrace of this quest.”

“The president of Morehouse College will continue in his role and the board fully supports him,” said Board Chairman Robert C. Davidson Jr. ’67. This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Howard C. Willis ’76, president of the Morehouse College National Alumni Association, adding, “The National Alumni Association, along with its leadership, fully supports Dr. Wilson.”

Under Dr. Wilson’s tenure, the school has received national recognition for its continuing efforts to diversify black male participation in STEM fields, and has added to national conversations about stopping sexual assault on college campuses, and racial profiling.