Morehouse President Responds to Alumni Petition

Morehouse College President John Silvanus Wilson today issued a letter to alumni, responding to claims from a petition with more than 360 signatures, calling for his immediate firing.
The letter, in which Dr. Wilson lists more than 20 accomplishments in fundraising, academic realignment, student engagement and brand building, addresses public concerns about the institutions financial outlook and admissions standards, and stresses the need for graduate support of vision for the current administration. From the letter:

“Although Morehouse is now stronger educationally, financially and operationally than she used to be, as measured by the selected facts listed below, our faculty, staff and students are far from being truly free to do their best work. We still have a long way to go. Among other things, we need better facilities, a larger endowment, and the kind of boosted annual support from alumni and friends that will position our faculty, staff and students to thrive, and not merely survive. Pursuant to that, we are now working extremely hard to converge and exemplify the kind of character and capital preeminence that is required to finally realize “the world of our dreams!””

The full version of Dr. Wilson’s letter to alumni.