Morning Briefing – April 7, 2021


Limited knowledge of and fiscal capacity at HBCUs prevents access to federal USAID funding, study reveals

new report funded by USAID under the framework of the Research Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) in Washington, DC examines the “Current Landscape of Engagement Between USAID and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).” The study was conducted by Shanelle Haile and Dr. Pearline Tyson, in collaboration with The MayaTech Corporation. Researchers examined the barriers that limit USAID funding to HBCUs and explored internationalization efforts HBCUs have undertaken to enhance their eligibility for USAID funding. The goal of the report is to strengthen the partnership between USAID and HBCUs and assess the partnerships HBCUs have established with governmental and nongovernmental entities around the globe. (MayaTech Corporation)

United Airlines launches HBCU training pipeline to increase aviation workforce diversity

United has finalized partnerships with three HBCUs, Delaware State University, Elizabeth City State University, and Hampton University, to identify top talent and recruit them into the Aviate program. Through the partnership, students will have the opportunity to join Aviate and connect with dedicated ambassadors and coaches who will help guide them on the path to a United flight deck. (United Airlines)

Building on the Middlebury Institute campus, CNS building (499 Van Buren), with the US flag outside of it
Middlebury Institute launches HBCU, MSI graduate study scholarship program

Beginning with students admitted for fall 2021, alumni of these institutions are guaranteed a $10,000 annual scholarship–prorated by program length–toward an onsite master’s degree at the Middlebury Institute in Monterey, California. Graduates will also be eligible for additional merit and need-based scholarships. 

“The goal of offering this scholarship is to expand access to the Middlebury Institute to a broader group of students,” said Sadia Khan, director of admissions at the Institute. “The scholarship also helps support the Institute’s commitment to diversity.” (Middlebury Institute)

Raphael Warnock makes history in Georgia with Senate win as Dems near  majority | The Gazette
Details still slim on rollout of $5 billion Farmers of Color Act

Under the Farmers of Color Act, farmers like Rawls are supposed to get direct payments. The money would help Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and other farmers of color pay off any Department of Agriculture loan debt and COVID-19 pandemic relief.

The bill also gives money to help improve land access, it helps families with heir property issues, which is when a farmer dies without a will, and it gives research money to Historically Black Colleges and Land Grant Universities. (WMAZ)