New Website Promotes the Next Generation of Morehouse Excellence

Like many historically black colleges and universities, Morehouse College confronts the gift and the curse of its proud tradition on a daily basis – being known for the faces and accomplishments of graduates from decades ago, while the work of recent alumni is frequently washed over by the narrative of its heritage.
But officials at the school are working to change the outlook with the launch of, a portal designed to showcase the work of recent graduates, with acclaim in a variety of industries and impact on American culture.
According to a release, more than 50 percent of Morehouse’s total alumni base has graduated in the last 20 years, and the portal is the first step in defining Morehouse impact for a new generation, during a time when the need for the narrative is as dire as it has ever been.

“We are trying to find new ways to engage a segment of the alumni base that felt like they haven’t been engaged in creative ways,” said Joe Carlos, program manager for Young Alumni Engagement in Morehouse’s Office of Alumni Engagement.  “This vehicle brings to life the names on the pages, when we talk about alums.”

Carlos says that future versions of the site will allow interactive engagement between Morehouse Men, to foster stronger networking and advanced knowledge about the college’s executive reach throughout the country and around the world.