Online, Adult Learners Help Morehouse Set New Student Enrollment Record

Morehouse College has spent the last three years rebuilding brand, confidence, and its financial coffers under new leadership and within a national reckoning on race and equity. This week, the institution’s new student enrollment revealed itself as a key chapter in Morehouse’s continuing golden era.

More than 973 students comprise the school’s fall entering cohort, a record for the institution. School officials say that a boost in transfers and adult and online learners helped to break the record, along with increased awareness of the college’s value in the higher education marketplace.

“Morehouse continues to find new ways to extend our uniquely transformative experience to more talented students,” said David A. Thomas, Ph.D., Morehouse College president. “This record Fall 2021 class demonstrates our proficiency in elevating our historic mission, while at the same time, adapting to leverage technological advances and changes in the way we engage with each other in order to meet the contemporary needs of our students, including their need to be valued, heard, and celebrated for their brilliance.”

According to officials, the school’s standards for entry we exceeded by the incoming class, with higher grade point averages and ACT scores than those of previous entering cohorts.

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