Rhode Island substitute teacher under investigation for online comments about Elon Musk

A substitute teacher in Rhode Island wasn’t happy with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter this week, so he let some of his students and his followers know about his displeasure.

Now he’s under investigation by the Providence Public School District for potential bias in his teaching and public commentary.

Sanchez, who is also a candidate for state legislature in Rhode Island’s ninth district, understood the public backlash over the controversial new owner of the social media platform.

“I did post my personal view,” Sanchez added. “I should have gone more into detail with the tweets, explaining that there was support, pushback, curiosity. But I’m aware that when it comes to teaching, when it comes to working in the classroom with youth, our job is to educate our kids on the curriculum, on the topics, not share political opinions.”

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