SCSU Officials Refute Presidential Rumors

An official at South Carolina State University has refuted rumors reported in the HBCU Digest about the expected resignation of Interim President W. Franklin Evans, and the appointment of SCSU Board of Trustees Chairman Charles Way.
According to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Dr. Evans has not resigned, and no information has been released about presidential transition, or changes to the university’s existing presidential search. 
The statement contradicts information given by sources close to the university’s board of trustees, who last night revealed they expected Way to be named as permanent president during a board teleconference scheduled for this afternoon. An agenda released yesterday afternoon indicates that trustees will meet in executive session to discuss contractual and personnel issues.
Way was appointed to the SCSU board in May 2015 by recently-re-elected Senate President Pro Tempore and Finance Committee Chairman Hugh Leatherman, who served as part of the legislative commission to reappoint the university’s full board after its previous members were fired last May.