South Carolina State Board Chair Charles Way Retires

Charles Way, an appointee to the politically-constructed South Carolina State University Board of Trustees during what many describe as the school’s most tumultuous period, announced his retirement from the board yesterday during a regularly scheduled meeting.

Citing his age and desire to be with family, Way announced board member Milton Irvin as the new chair, and reflected on the university’s improvement over the last two years since facing accreditation loss, significant debt and potential closure.

“Coming in at a time when the university was facing several serious challenges – including a very poor financial condition and the potential loss of accreditation – we, as a team, have worked very hard and with measurable success,” he said.

“I think we can all be very proud of the progress our institution has made over the past couple of years,” he said.

Way was criticized in September for referring to the university as a ‘mudhole’ in response to the virtual absence of applications for its legislatively hand-picked board of trustees, which is scheduled to complete its term of service in June 2018.

South Carolina State Alumni Split on Future of the University

Opposing letters to the editor in the Orangeburg, SC-based Times and Democrat paint a vastly different picture of how alumni of South Carolina State University feel about the direction of the institution, and its future.

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