Southern Athletes Killed in Shooting Near LSU

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Two Southern University students were killed this morning in a shooting outside of off-campus housing near Louisiana State University.
University officials confirmed the deaths of freshman Annette January and sophomore Lashuntae Benton in a statement issued this afternoon. January was a track and field athlete and Benton was a student athletic trainer, both caught in gunfire along with a 24-year-old male , now hospitalized with injuries.
“An investigation is ongoing. The University asks for prayers and support for the families at this difficult time,” said Southern System President Ray Belton.

7 thoughts on “Southern Athletes Killed in Shooting Near LSU

  1. So sad. My prayers go out to the Jaguar nation. We really have to take a stand against all of this senseless violence.

  2. DuWarn Porter, President SUAF Chicago Chapter. We would like to send our condolences to the family of Annette January and LaShuntae Benton. The Chicago Chapter had the pleasure of assisting Annette to get to Southern University A&M College. Senseless violence must stop. Jaguar Nation its prayer time.

  3. This is incomprehensible! Send your baby to school to get an education, and they come home in a coffin. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! I’m numb!!!!

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