Spelman, Tougaloo Among Nation's Best at Graduate Earnings

Graduates of Spelman College and Tougaloo College are among the highest-earning alumni in Georgia and Mississippi, respectively, according to a study from career guidance website Zippia.

Mining federal data posted from the US Department of Education’s College Scorecard, the two private HBCUs post the highest average salary for graduates in their respective states among alumni of small public and private colleges.
Spelman alumnae earn more than $51,300 per year, while Tougaloo graduates earn an average of $29,600 in income.  Georgia’s median household income in 2016 was just over $53,500 in 2016, and $41,700 in Mississippi during the same year.
Both schools raked among the top 100 liberal arts colleges and universities in Washington Monthly’s 2017 annual college rankings, which rates schools for their capacity in creating social mobility, community service, and access for low-income students.

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  1. No way this is so amazing and should be published on both respective schools websites and social media pages. Also on every marketing and recruiting material page. Good stuff and they say HBCUs are not necessary-DROP THE MIC!!!

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