What Biden’s budget proposal means for education

There’s no guarantee of how amenable Congress will be to maintaining much of the education platform in an election year, even with Democratic control. That’s probably why the ED Department also published today new recommendations for states to support educational development and student achievement.

Here's Hoping Omarosa's Revenge Tour Doesn't Blow Up Federal Outreach to HBCUs

Omarosa Manigault-Newman has begun her revenge tour against Donald Trump and the Trump Administration, making the rounds on morning talk shows to promote her new book exposing the White House’s […]

HBCU All-Star Tiffany Brockington Talks HBCU Conference Changes, Role of Black College Ambassadors

In an exclusive interview, Brockington speaks out about her petition for the White House to cancel its annual HBCU conference, balancing political and cultural needs for HBCUs, and the future […]