Virginia State Launches $99 Summer Program

Qualifying students at Virginia State University will be able to take a summer course for just $99, the university announced this week. The ‘TrojanAdvance’ initiative will allow students to take a three-credit hour online course for $199 dollars, and promises a rebate of $100 to students who complete the course with a grade of ‘B’ or better.
Officials say the program is designed to meet the needs of students who are close to degree completion, but may have financial challenges in meeting the goal.
“With the price of education at an all-time high, VSU wants to accommodate students with a summer program that helps them financially and academically, while also rewarding good grades,” said Virginia State President Makola Abdullah.
The program is open to all students, including incoming freshmen and transfer students. Non-students may also enroll for $299, but would not be eligible for a rebate.

2 thoughts on “Virginia State Launches $99 Summer Program

  1. This is so awesome. Way to lower the bar for other HBCUs. I like the fact rewarding students for doing a good (B) job in class

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