WATCH: Bethune-Cookman Circus Continues With Announcement of Presidential Finalists

Inconsistent narratives pile up at the school in the midst of a financial crisis.


4 thoughts on “WATCH: Bethune-Cookman Circus Continues With Announcement of Presidential Finalists

  1. This is downright disrespectful! Who in their right sane mind thought this was ok to be published?! Like this website tears down HBCU’s . If you want HBCU news go to HBCU Pride Nation #DeathtoHBCUDigest

  2. There will be no ethical leadership at B-C because like at Arkansas Baptist College the Trustees are looking for a lackey or someone not so smart. Someone whose mastery of the finances will not be transparent enought to discover the networks that stole in the name of HBCU and community development. Whether they have been a college president before is not decisive. Most of the time that is like looking for a dog to clean up a kennel.
    Is HBCU presidential leadership possible in such a situation? It is possible if it draws a line in the sand and names as enemies — in public — those who stole and enabled the stealing at B-C, and documents the difference between the financial management before and the new democracy (majority rule) and transparency. If such leadership doesn’t talk down to the student movement and encourages its sovereignty over the situation (since it was their initiative that exposed failed governance) college presidents may have a role to play but we should be skeptical.
    Corporate presidential leadership, by definition, is not ethical or democratic. One is compensated for cleaning up and covering up other people’s messes, loyalty to the board, and not disturbing “the brand.” Who can have a reputation for ethics like that? A college president who doesn’t tell the public, what everybody knows, that there has been a serious ethics breach and who were responsible and the enablers, and that the federal government (that claims to monitor HBCU finances) has also been an enabler, ain’t worth a bucket of warm piss.
    It is time the vision of the Committee on Reconciliation and Truth at HBCUs is taken seriously and debated.

  3. These finalist look more like some folks who just need a job. Most qualified candidates are steering clear of this titanic.

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