WATCH: Should Hampton Have a Statue of George H.W. Bush on Campus?

A commentary on the HBCU community’s steady struggle with power, politics and recognizing the complexity of both within institutional support.


6 thoughts on “WATCH: Should Hampton Have a Statue of George H.W. Bush on Campus?

  1. George HW Bush as VP (and former CIA Director) under Reagan with the assistance of Gov. Bill Clinton put the drugs in the Black community through Mena, Arkansas. There is even a movie about it starring Tom Cruise, “American Made.” This was a part of the Iran-Contra affair under Reagan. Key CIA agent at the time facilitating it was William Barr — Trump’s new attorney general. This is how crack became widespread in the Black community and mass incarceration through “War on Drugs” was justified. Bush overthrew Noriega in Panama as president labeling him a drug dealer — he should know they were previously allies to destablish Nicaragua through the Contra War. This is way bigger than “Willie Horton.” If we had history classes at HBCUs that paid attention to basic details instead of adjusting our people to figure out how to get the ofay’s money our students would tear down the statue. It should have the same social significance as a Confederate statue but updated to more modern times. Whoever drugs our people, puts the drugs in the community, and than jails our people for being low level drug dealers, ought to be thought of poorly. Black folks who befriend such people, like the Hampton college president, don’t belong as leaders of independent Black institutions. Who will question not his ethics, but his basic literacy?

  2. As my good friend and common mantra goes
    H–l to the NO!! 😡. Besides Trump,he’s another ultimate betrayer of Black lives! The idea of them considering putting that piece of junk on their campus is a slap in the face.
    May as well put a confederate flag there in that case. Bush was the devil and died as least that is how I see him.

  3. As a Hampton alumni, i am not pleased with this action by the President. This is the second time the President has screwed the Hampton students in regard to George HW Bush. First at my graduation by having Bush as the commencement speaker and now this. President Harvey is a Republican, so im not surprised at his affinity for Bush, but this statute is too much. I predict that our alumni and student leaders will have this reversed.

  4. We have notable African-American republicans to pay tribute to if this is the case. My great-grandparents were Republicans. However, this will be a great blemish to Hampton. The alumni and students need to step up and speak against this. Our families continue to suffer from the drug deals being made in country. Our communities are definitely not leading the deals for the drugs nor guns destroying or putting an end to future generations.

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