Southern Announces Several Dean Appointments

Southern University announced several interim and permanent dean appointments this week at its spring academic convocation. Officials called the appointments a major step in fortifying academic structure at the flagship historically black campus. 

“The timely appointment of new deans at the launch of the calendar year had the immediate impact of shifting from a having a minority (43%) of our deans as permanent to having the majority (72%) of our deans as permanent,” said Southern Executive Vice-President and Provost M. Christopher Brown II.  “As you know, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with just one step.  This was our first step forward.”

Noted physics professor Diola Bagayoko was named as the Dean of the Delores Spikes Honors College, and long-time SUBR executive and interim vice-chancellor Verjanis Peoples returns to serve as dean of the school’s College of Education, Arts and Humanities.

Physics researcher Laurence Henry will serve as interim dean of sciences and agriculture, and Albert Samuels will head the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences on an interim basis. 

The announcements were part of an executive update to faculty on changes in federal and state funding trends and leadership objectives for the next four years. Officials pledged increased analysis and future resources for priorities presented by faculty during the meeting, including salary increases, technology, and academic rigor. 


“The Southern University 20/20 vision will elevate the Baton Rouge campus to its rightful place as a national leader in academic excellence, faculty research, and the production of high quality graduates for the workforce and global marketplace,” said Dr. Brown.


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