Tennessee State latest to test worth of HBCU guaranteed games with Power 5 competition

There’s no reason to doubt the vision of head coach that’s played at the highest levels of college and professional football, or a sports culture at TSU that wants to be regarded as the best. But there’s plenty of reason to doubt how the guaranteed game model, regardless of how big the check may be from Notre Dame, isn’t the best or most sustainable for Tennessee State or any HBCU to consider.

Hank Bounds Mississippi Legacy Should Not Play Out at Other HBCUs

If his name happens to surface for work with or within any system which includes public historically black colleges, students, faculty and alumni should protest the idea; loudly and immediately. 

WATCH: Presidents of Miles, Wiley Earn Doctorates From Jackson State

Two sitting HBCU presidents – Dr. George French of Miles College and Dr. Herman Felton of Wiley College – give remarks during Jackson State University’s fall commencement exercises shortly after […]

Did Southern Ether Jackson State in the Boombox Classic?

The combination of a petty halftime show, a thorough defeat on the field and a coach being fired may have given Southern University the rare football beatdown trifecta over heated […]